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Top of the best caves in the world by National Geographic


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”The caves of Aktun Chen are considered by the National Geographic Society as the third most impressive underground walkIng path in the world, according
to their Top Ten”

Discover the longest dry cave in the state.

Equipment, guide and lockers included.

Tour duration 1 hour  approximately.

formaciones en la cueva de aktun chen

Natural Caves ancient natural columns inside

Admire the spectacular cavern over. It is more than 5 million years old. Walk through its ancient columns composed by stalactites and stalagmites, the result of the work of Mother Earth and the water that has worked on them for thousands of years.

Being 650 yards long, this cave is formed by magnificent illuminated vaults to highlight its beauty and illuminate the path that facilitates access and the entire route, without affecting the environment and its natural state.

living museum

The caving tour will show you around this wonderful geological formation with a spectacular entrance, three vents to the jungle and a different exit.

The cave quest is very fresh and ventilated. It is accessible to people of all ages who can move on their own.

During the tour you will also pass aside of two small cenotes, admiring and enjoying one of the most important customs that the ancient Maya did in the caves of the Yucatán Peninsula.

In the last cavern, there is the impressive underground river of Aktun Сhen with its depth of 12 meters. It is illuminated by a beautiful set of lights that highlight its cristal clear waters and the beauty of its formation.


This is the only underground river in the entire Riviera Maya where swimming is not allowed, this is because we consider it a sanctuary and due to its slow circulation of water we decided to keep it that way.


If you wish to visit this space, and practice some caving sport the tour last around 1 hour. A specialized guide will explain the origins and the formation of the caverns, as well as the customs and attitude of the ancient Mayan civilization concerning the caves.

cueva de aktun chen

Underground World

Man always wanted to get into the most unexplored corners of our planet, which are the caves. If you consider yourself to be a real traveler, you like extreme
challenges and are not averse to discovering something new, this cave is exactly for you. Being one of the most popular locations of the park the caves represent a bizarre underworld. For many people this is just an entertainment, but some find genuine excitement in caving. For them, this is a real sport. Like any other sport,caving sport requires certain skills, training and special equipment. Those who love to climb in the caves can spend several days in a cave without seeing the sun. For people who have never been to a cave this cave quest can seem pretty weird. But nevertheless, caves also have its own flora and fauna,albeit not so rich as on the surface. This is why it is more interesting to meet new life forms and to learn how living organisms can adapt to life in the absence of sunlight.The cave world is still very little studied and scientists are discovering some new organisms that adapted to life in these conditions. Since the caves of Aktun Chen are located in a warm climate they are completely adapted for life. The temperature in the cave is comfortable all year round. Besides there are many holes in the ceiling, through which sunlight penetrates. And in these
places the flora is especially rich. Every cave tour begins with an entrance that is very spectacular as well as the exit which is located right in the jungle. The cave tour will give you only pleasant emotions because the atmosphere in the cave is very comfortable – since the voids are always ventilated the air in them is fresh besides duringthe day the cave is illuminated by natural lights.


Treasure of the park

People always wanted to know what was before us on Earth, how it looked many years ago, and caves give answers to these questions. It is there that the oldest rocks on Earth have been preserved. In addition, the ancient people used them as a shelter from the inclement weather, they conducted various cults there. Therefore, they are so interesting from the archaeological and historical points of view. Just Imagine that these caves appear long before the first man walked on the earth. And our park is truly proud of its caves.
They are truly unique. According to experts, the cave in the Park Aktun Chen is 5 million years old. It is believed that before it was a coral reef. When the sea level fell this place got covered with rainforest. Then due to acidity the wood decomposed. The acids also penetrated to a great depth, destroyed the rock resulting in the voids which were then filled with water.

The cave is a whole underground complex which extends 700 yards in lenght. But it is fully equipped for tourists And also you are always with a guide who will tell you a lot of interesting information about the cave.  Be sure in the cave you can make amazing photos. Of course, stalactitesand stalagmites deserve special attention. Stalactites are fancy icicles hanging from the ceiling formed by the minerals dissolved in water. Stalagmites
on the contrary stick out of the bottom. Often you can see a pair of stalactites and stalagmites opposite each other. It sometimes happens that they grow together forming a single column. In the cave, you can also find cascades of various shapes and sizes.

It is no wonder that Maya chose this place to worship their Gods. When you talk in the cave, a strange echo is heard, so the ancient mayan thought they were talking to spirits.
After visiting the cave, you can relax in our wildlife zoo at the exit of the cave.

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