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Underground River

Order online now and save 15%. Adult - $33, Child - $26.
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Try snorkeling in the underwater caves and purify your soul in an oasis of crystal clear water that springs from the interior of the Earth.

Don't forget to bring your towel.

Equipment, guide, dressing rooms and lockers included.

Duration of the tour free time and you can stay swimming until 5pm.

cenote de aktun chen

Exciting tour!

Inside the Aktun-Chen Natural Park, we have an oasis in the middle of the jungle; a spring full of peace and energy, where the magic sprinkles from the inside of the earth through crystal clear waters with an extension of more than 100 yards long.

Here, our visitors have the opportunity to snorkel in its refreshing waters. You can also take beauty underwater photos.

The Cenote

The cenote is completely illuminated with underwater lamps and 3 Natural entrances of light, allowing to observe the incredible and wonderful natural formations of stalactites, stalagmites and columns that took millions of years to form. Such underwater caves are perfect for snorkeling. You see the bottom and have nothing to worry about.

The underground river of the Natural Park, due to its formation, allows you to contemplate what a speleologist diver observes, without the need to use oxygen tanks and without any risk, since you only require snorkel equipment and safety belt.

All equipment is provided by the park at no additional cost.

We have dressing rooms, lockers, ecological bathrooms, an area with hammocks and rest swings for recreation and relaxation.

rio subterraneo de aktun chen

Just another wonder of the world

Many of us used to live in the same conditions. Our life is in many ways a routine. Every day we visit the same places and don’t suspect that there are many interesting places on Earth that are very different from our habitat. They are very diverse and surprising in their own way. It is desirable that you visit each of them at least once in your life.
Just such an amazing place on Earth is Aktun Chen Park in Mexico not far from Cancun and Playa del Carmen. One of its main attractions is underground rivers. In them you can find exotic representatives of
flora and fauna plunging to the bottom with a snorkel. The length of the cave is more than 100 yards. It is one of the largest and oldest in Mexico.

Archaeologists suggest that the cave is 5 million years old. Lakes formed much later – only about 30,000 years ago. It all started at the end of the last Ice Age. When the level of the ocean fell, it exposed coral reefs. This area became the surface of the Yucatan Peninsula. Then these voids began to be filled with water which came mainly from two sources – precipitation and underground waters. So the water in the cenote is very clean. The cave itself, in which the underground river is located, is also very beautiful – on the way to the underground river you
will encounter numerous stalactites and stalagmites, which fancifully hang from the ceiling of the cave and protrude from the rock. Due to the fact that the ceiling of the cave has many openings, the tunnel is quite bright – during the daytime sunlight constantly penetrates there. It is not surprising that ancient Mayan  considered this place sacred and held their cults here. In the cave, it was possible to take shelter from the rain and scorching heat. Now it thus saves many tourists who get tired of the sun walking in the park.

Entertainments in the underground river.

1. As we said, the maximum depth of the underground river is 10 feet. So it is perfect for snorkeling. For this the park provides all the necessary equipment. It is included in the Price of the tour. The equipment includes mask, and safety belt But as we said, the lake is rather shallow. So the underwater world of
the caves is very accessible – diving is available even to those who swim badly.

2. In the cave you can meet various representatives of flora and fauna. Here you will find both animals known to you and unusual inhabitants of the caves. Especially beautiful are
the fish which you can see through the clear water. To do this, you do not even need snorkel.  At first glance, the underground river may seem very gloomy and dark, but due to the fact that
sunlight is constantly penetrating into it, it is inhabited many living creatures. Surely you may have a desire to capture all this beauty. Underwater you can do photography. Our park does not provide such cameras for this. But if you have one, it is not prohibited to use it.

3. In between dives you can walk through the cave. It is also very beautiful. Looking at these limestone walls you can trace the passage of time. Archaeologically they are very interesting
because they were formed several million years ago. Our guides can tell you the basics of the history of the cave.

In our park, time fly by because, besides the lake, you will find a lot of other entertainments. After an energy costly snorkel, you can relax in the cozy hammocks, and then stroll through the jungle exploring local flora and fauna. So being in Cancun do not hesitate to visit the park. Get ready to enjoy this virgin tropical nature!

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